Sabtu, 14 Juni 2008

End of Exams and Back from my Break

Exams have officially ended on Friday, June 13 2008. I'm so glad I managed to pass the long, torturous month still in one piece. I knew I was feeling depressed lately, and that was what brought about my break (I didn't dare call it a hiatus since it's so short... probably only four days at most :D)

I'm now officially back to the fanfiction world, and also the writing world. As I've said before, writing has become a part of my life. I might not be a serious writer, but I enjoy it as much as I can. I hope it will stay that way, or I'll have to issue another break xD

Oh... and I knew I probably screwed up in most of my exams, but I can only hope for the best... thank you everyone I know who's been supporting me. I love you all.

Note: if you left a comment here, please do check back from time to time, because I might have replied :D Love you all~

Minggu, 25 Mei 2008

Voted Off

I know this is stupid. But I AM stupid, so yeah...

My friend and I joined the... erm... Last Fanfic Writer Standing challenge. If I'm not mistaken. And we were both voted off.

Of course, we weren't alone, but oh well...

I don't care, really. Sure, I'm disappointed and all (-22, wow) but I don't care :3 I write for my readers and myself, so if they do enjoy it, I have no problem with it, although it got me voted off XD

All I want to say is... well, I love my readers. Thank you to everyone who has helped me be where I am right now :D after I wrote my first fic and my first series, I really was thinking of discontinuing writing, but because of you guys, I continued, and here I am.

Again, thank you to everyone who read and commented my works. It means so much to me :3 thank you all <3~

Senin, 19 Mei 2008

Connection, Mary Sues, and Exams

I was pissed off during the weekend. My internet connection died on me again, for three days >(

I mean, hey, what happened!? The other connections work just fine T_T I hate my life sometimes.

Anyway, exams are starting, yet I still find time to write and post XD I could only hope my results won't be so bad.

About Mary Sues... I really don't want to sound so critical or anything, but I've never been a fan of them. One of the reasons why I left was because of them.

When I first started, there were so many good authors, and so little Mary Sues. I couldn't find ideas for fics easily back then, so I updated rarely, and when I found detox, I left it to focus on my Yunjae/Jaeho fics.

I found a fic review site yesterday, and most of them are rated bad because they have Mary Sues inside. Sometimes I wonder why people write MS fics. I myself am happy to see my favorite couple together, and I don't want to get in the way. And even then, why don't they just save it in their computer, or read it personally?

I think it's riskier to post it up somewhere so public like, anyway. Not everyone likes your stories, and not everyone appreciates MS. You're bound to get harsh crits on them, or worse, flames.

I'll stop babbling right now, and continue my fic :D I have a new project after Spoken and Written is officially finished (I decided to not write the epilogue XD), and it's based on a Japanese comic "How to Make a Prince", although I don't read it, so the story will be very different.

Extra: I know this is very, very, VERY irrelevant, but my favorite food for now is salmon skin XDD it tastes so good *gets shot*

Jumat, 16 Mei 2008

Kiddie Cut, Movies, and Slipping

I knew it wasn't going to be a good day when I walked down the stairs towards my garage, and slipped when I accidentally stepped onto a mat and it slid a few centimeters. I swore my heart skipped a beat that time.

I went to a mall near my school afterwards with a friend to watch Prince Caspian. Another friend of mine joined me not long after. At MTA, if you sit on the C row, it feels just right. But in CL, if you sit on the C row, the screen looks soooo far away.

When I came, I stopped when I saw someone sitting in my seat. Yes. In Indonesia, we order tickets to determine where we're going to sit. In Australia, you buy tickets, go inside, and immediately sit wherever you want.

I walked over to him and told him he sat on my seat, and he moved one seat, along with his girlfriend. Or at least I thought so.

I commented a lot during the movie, because that was a habit I found hard to break (I even commented how Aslan's name is similar to Asuran, or Asran, Athrun Zala from Gundam Seed, and that Aslan will come with Gundam to help them XD).

We went to a bookstore next, and my friend S saw small plastic scissors. She squealed and giggled, sticking her finger in between the blades, and played with the scissors since it wouldn't cut.

I looked at her, wen't -_-;;;, and said "You've successfully made yourself look like a retarded 3-year-old". And she slapped my arm. We kinda teased the scissors, and when I turned the package, it said it could cut paper. We tried it, and when it really happened, we squealed like some idiot kids.

The three of us got out of the bookstore quickly afterwards, not wanting to get caught by anyone.

When I got home, I walked over to the stairs, and nearly slipped again.

Sometimes, life is just perfect.

EDIT: oh... if you leave a comment on my entry, please do check back later to see if I replied :DDD

Kamis, 15 Mei 2008

Bathroom Incident and Prince Caspian

Yesterday was an awful day. At least, to me it was.

I got home as soon as I could, and I was having a stomachache because I consumed too much chilli sauce during lunch. I went to my bathroom, and as soon as I shut that damned door, it wouldn't open.

Really, what kind of person gets trapped in their own bathroom? I'm an idiot... -_-;

Luckily, I didn't lock the door, and I had my phone with me (it was in my pocket), so I called my father to get me out of there. The door opened after a while, but I think I'm starting to develop a claustrophobia now >_>

Then, this morning I got a news that tomorrow we'd be leaving school early. That was why we decided to go watch the second in the Narnia chronicles, Prince Caspian.

My father complained, saying I watched movies too many times, and asked when I was having my exam. Yes, exam is coming, but I'm still relaxing. Whoa... maybe that means I'm supposed to retake the exams?

I told him the first one would be on Monday, May 19, but he just asked whether I wanted to be picked up after I watched Prince Caspian tomorrow -_-;;; sometimes I think he's just as happy go lucky as I am...